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09426671525 – Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve – 09426671525

09426671525 Penis Sleeve is made mainly of silicone and come in different textures, colors, shapes and sizes. Penis Extender Sleeves are designed to add a bit of extra length or gorth to the penis to enhance sexual activity and allow for deeper penetration. Penis sleeve may also be called a Cock Sleeve, cock sheath or Penis extender.

Penis Extender Sleeve – 09426671525

Boost your length, girth and staying time with Royal Penis’s Penis Enhancers. Whether you are playing alone or with a partner, our enhancement products increase sensation and stimulation for a more pleasurable experience.To add girth to your penis, opt for a penis sleeve. Penis Extender Sleeves usually have deep grooves or nubs, and may feature a small Vibrator as well for increased pleasure. A classic option for improving performance, penis pumps can provide hours of lasting enjoyment. Or if the length is what you’re after, try one of our penis extenders. Designed to look realistic, these Penis Sleeves can extend the natural shaft from one to four inches.

Penis Extensions Sleeves – 09426671525

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